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RK HASNU asked 11 months ago

i am very fond of civil services.. But I am in great dilemma that IS THERE ANY BERTH IN CIVIL SERVICES FOR AVERAGE STUDENTS?

Punam Gogoi Staff commented 11 months ago

Definitely yes. Had UPSC been looking for super brilliant ones it would have happily picked the college or the University toppers. But have a look at the eligibility criteria! It just mentions that you have to be a graduate to sit for the exam. If you consider yourself as an informed citizen of the country and that your nation can utilise it for the society you must take the exam. For civil services you have to be a jack of all trades but master of none. If you are fond of having a general idea about things that are going around you be it the politics of the nation or how world economy is moving, what had happened in the past and the implications it still has you have the right aptitude for civil services. And it is all about the interest that brews within you that is needed for this service and you need not worry about having an IQ equivalent to that of Einstein. 🙂



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