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How to prepare for Geography optional

DiscussionCategory: TopicsHow to prepare for Geography optional
munmi asked 11 months ago

Dear Sir,
I have taken geography optional for apsc prelims. Request your guidance regarding study material and test series

Anshuman Gogoi Staff replied 11 months ago

Geography as a whole is a synthesis of different branches. So to have a firm hold over the subject, the basics should be crystal clear.

To start with,one should start reading geography ncert books preferably from class 6 to 12. For those who are good at the basics, class 11 and 12 ncerts will be sufficient.

After finishing the ncerts, start reading physical geography by either goh cheng leong or khullar. They will help you further boost your basics.

Then you can opt for standard books on various branches of geography like by Savindra Singh, Majid Hussain, K Siddhartha and all as per your choice. But i would recommend books by these three writers. They are quite good for having a indepth knowledge about the subject. While going through these books, you should start solving objective type questions relating to the chapter which you are reading.

It will immensely help in the long run of your preparation. At the same time,collect previous years’ mains question papers and start solving them. 2 questions per day will be sufficient.

Since there is very little time difference between the prelims and mains examination, so preparing for the mains at par with prelims preparation would be a very positive step.

You can utilize the very little time you get before the mains examination in revising the already studied things. It will further bolster your output level while writing the exam. This is how i think geography optional should be approached.

And lastly, one should always have a positive mindset during the whole course of preparation since it acts as the catalyst.

There are no test series offered by Competition Care so far for Geography Optional.

Sandeep replied 10 months ago

In addition to what Mr. Gogoi has so succinctly elucidated, you can consider referring to Geography by Spectrum. It is more or less like a guide book for UPSC optional, however it encompasses the entire Geography optional syllabus and makes for an easy recapitulation tool.

munmi replied 10 months ago

Thank you sir


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