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Competition Care is an excellent APSC Coaching Institute in Guwahati that has ex-APSC Toppers as mentors. Thus, APSC aspirants get expert coaching, result-oriented guidance and motivating individualized attention.The APSC Coaching Institute in Guwahati stands out as the best in Guwahati because of its unique approach to tailoring its coaching methods according to the abilities of each aspirant.

Facilities at the APSC Coaching Institute in Guwahati.

APSC Coaching Institute in Guwahati

Competition Care: By the Officers, for the Officers

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Competition Care is not just another coaching institute; it is your unwavering companion on your journey to conquer the APSC and UPSC examinations. Our commitment to redefining, revolutionising, and simplifying the preparation process for these prestigious exams has made us the best APSC Coaching Institute in Guwahati.
As the beacon of quality education in Assam, Competition Care has set new standards for competitive exam preparation. With an unwavering focus on providing top-tier content, expert guidance, and unparalleled teaching methodologies, we have emerged as Assam’s premier coaching institute for APSC and UPSC exam aspirants. Competition Care is a pioneer in the education sector for its distinctive offerings. 

We are the only institute in India that provides a unique blend of both online and offline classes, ensuring that we cater to the diverse learning preferences of our students. This flexibility is complemented by our in-house mentorship program, guided by successful rank holders, who understand the intricacies of the exams like no one else.

As the best UPSC and APSC coaching institute in Guwahati, Assam, Competition Care is not just about teaching; it’s about guiding, mentoring, and inspiring aspirants to reach new heights. Welcome to Competition Care, where we turn dreams into achievements and aspirations into triumphs. Your path to success starts here.


At Competition Care, we aim to empower UPSC and APSC exam aspirants in Assam with comprehensive and effective UPSC/APSC exam preparation. We provide top-notch guidance, teaching, and resources, fostering holistic development for career success and societal contributions. 

Our comprehensive courses and compassionate mentoring nurture the future civil servants and leaders bringing positive change to the country.


Competition Care aspires to lead UPSC and APSC coaching institutes in Guwahati. We aim to excel in mentoring by providing top-notch resources, guidance, and support. Our goal is to empower students from diverse backgrounds to become dedicated, professional civil servants, fostering lifelong learning and societal contributions. 

We envision a future where our students are identified as leaders and change-makers, driving progress and development.

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